Join service club dedicated to improve the world, one child and one community at a time.

We are a group of individual who enjoy having fun and take pride in the service projects and impact they have within our are children. Additionally, our club invests roughly $10,000 to our community through grants.

We open our doors every Wednesday at 6:00 PM. We conduct formal business meetings every 1st & 3rd Wednesday.

Formal meetings consist of a social hour, meal, presentation and club business. Remaining Wednesdays are fun nights for members and friends.

Membership includes:

  • Two family style meals per month (including a steak meal once a quarter)
  • Club, District, & International Dues
  • Club Newsletter
  • District Newsletter
  • Kiwanis Magazine

For more information on becoming a member contact us at, or Keith Johnson at (715) 818-8074.

2 Comments to Membership

    • Lance,

      Thank you for your inquiry in our club. I believe one our members, Mark Garski, has reached out to you before. Some of our membership details are:
      -We host meetings every Wednesday night at our clubhouse, located south of Lake Wazeecha. The 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month are club meeting nights. On club meeting nights, we discuss club business, have presentations on happenings in our community, have student speakers from the local high schools or the Boys and Girls club, and have a catered meal. The 2nd Wednesday is the Kiwanis Board of Directors meeting. All members are welcome to attend. The 4th and 5th(when applicable) Wednesdays are social nights. Various committees meet on these nights.

      Our membership dues are $40.00 per month, which includes two catered meals from Chat-R-Box restaurant in Kellner. If you arent familiar with our clubhouse, we have a full wet bar, a small dining hall(seats up to 100) and a full kitchen, which we’ve just updated.

      If you’re interested in more information, please let me know. My phone number is 715.697.3508.


      David Johnson
      WR Kiwanis President

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