Kiwanis Club Donates Tents to Local YMCA Camp

Posted by Josh on December 08, 2010

The South Wood County YMCA would like to thank the Kiwanis Club for its donation toward new tents for Camp Alexander.

Part of the whole experience at camp is learning how to put up and take down your own tent, not to mention the great feeling they all get from sleeping under the stars.

The tents assist in the developmental camping program where the first hurdle for the youngest campers is to be at camp each day away from their parents.

As they get a little older, the next step is to stay overnight at camp for a week. This can be a difficult transition for some children, but caring staff are there to help them overcome their fears and gain confidence.

The next step is to begin to prepare campers for Adventure camping. This past summer, the YMCA offered a half of a week at Camp Alexander with a half of a week tent camping at Devil’s Lake. It also offered a full week of tent camping as campers made their way down the Flambeau River.

The developmental camping program helps children ages 5 to 13 progressively experience many other great things that Camp Alexander has to offer, such as swimming, canoeing, kayaking, field sports, target sports and boating, along with preparing them to tent camp.

Thank you again Kiwanis Club for helping the YMCA to enhance the camping experience for the children of South Wood County.

Contributed by the South Wood County YMCA.



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